Flat Fee


Welcome to PhD Homes & Realty Flatfee Service!


PHD Homes & Realty has added a very unique FSBO Flatfee service to our list of options to help you sell your home. Click here to see marketing coverage.


Contact Brenda @ PhD Homes & Realty for more information on our FSBO Flat Fee MLS & Realtor.com listing @ 715-251-0228 or mlsprovider@phd-homes.com today!


From my experience of listing thousands of FSBO properties throughout the State of Wisconsin, I have learned that FSBO home sellers think any and all Realtors are your enemies in the battle to save money by selling your home yourself by eliminating broker and agent fees.


Listing your home on your Local MLS & Realtor.com requires a Licensed Realtor


At PhD Homes & Realty, you will work directly with a licensed Realtor/Broker to list your home in your local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and REALTOR.com® for a one time low upfront fee. We partner with you directly, forming a “home selling” team.


We do all those things that require a license, but at a greatly reduced fee. Why list your home on the MLS & Realtor.com?

  1. Adding the MLS and Realtor.com opens a huge marketing area
  2. Many pre-approved home buyers have contracted a local realtor to help them find a home. These pre-approved home buyers would not be able to view your home without them.
  3. That is a substantial number of pre-qualified home buyers.


The choice is simple:

  1. As much as $800 to a non-licensed, non-MLS member that will contract a licensed agency for you.
  2. As little as $289-$399 to list directly on your local MLS & Nationwide Realtor.com with PhD Homes & Realty


If you find a buyer for your home or you sell your own home, you only pay the low upfront fee.
If a “buyer’s agent” brings you a buyer, pay that agent a commission.


Many times I have seen FSBO sellers get discouraged that they are not getting the activity they expected and decide to list their home with a full-services realtor.  At PhD, we can do that for you as well.


PhD Home & Realty Flat Fee Pricing Chart

Listing on PHD Homes & Realty FREE 6 Month Listing 12 Month Listing
Limited Service Flatfee $289 $399
Listing on MLS & Realtor.com
Listing on Zillow, Trulia…*
Yes Yes
Buyer Agent Commission
You Decide
2.1% Minimum
3% Maximum
2.1% Minimum
3% Maximum
Administration Fees N/A N/A
Basic Plan includes 6 photos
Additional Services & Products
Based on seller’s Needs & recommendations of PhD Based on seller’s needs & recommendations of PhD
Direct Broker Assistance
Offer to Close
$500 $500
6 Month Renewal $199 $199
Referral Program for each
Activated Listing
$50 credit toward additional services & products $50 credit toward additional services & products
Use of Earnest Money Account $200 $200


*Disclaimer: Websites that download from the MLS are in a constant state of change, beyond our control, however, most are constant. These sites download from different MLS’s, at different times, and in different areas, some are slow to download, while others are fast. We also have very limited control over the content within these sites. However, most real estate companies do not offer these new bonus sites. We cannot guarantee that your listing will show up on or any of these bonus sites, but your listing should be on most, if not all, plus many more we do not mention.