We Posts Every Property We Sell on:


PhD Homes – Full Time Agent Typical Large Broker
Negotiated Commission % Non-Negotiable Commission %
Standard – No Back End Administrative Fee Admin Fee – Hundreds of Dollars (Surprise!)
Exposure to Dozens of Websites w/ Prioritized Listings Exposure to Dozens of Websites
Flexible / Creative to Get Deal Done Inflexible
Exposure to Trulia / Zillow /, etc. with LARGE Marketing Budgets Supposed Database of Buyers
Often Times Attendance at Showing Appointments to Showcase Home Features Buyer is On Their Own & Often Times Misses Selling Features of Home
PhD Agent Handles All Paperwork Often Departmentalized – Agent Can Become Unaware
Local Market Name Recognition (Where 98% of Buyers Come From!) National Name Recognition
Limited Newspaper Advertising Typically Small Ad Newspaper Advertising
Always Agent Availability Agent Availability – Depends How Busy


What You Can Expect from PhD

Immediate Access / Response via E-Mail, IM or Text Message, Phone – Not a Call Center, Floor Agent, Agent Assistant, Office, Answering Machine, Automated Voice Mail or an Agent Too Busy to get Back to You.


Honesty / Trustworthiness – Our opinion on your home’s value, what you can do to help sell it, what may cause a buyer to think twice about a home. You want someone on your side, acting as your fiduciary, holding your information in confidence and looking out for your best interests. Forget the hype, fluff, false promises, over promise / under deliver, half-truths, and hidden fees.


Education / Experience – Hire a person smarter than you and it proves you are smarter than them. You want an expert that understands value and understands where the market is. We do this by working at it; reading; talking to buyers and sellers and other agents daily; having a certified appraiser and interior designer on our team and a close relationship with a mortgage broker and title company. We offer our advice and counsel instead of simply a transaction facilitator.


Good Communications & Technical Skills – Offers now are submitted in a multitude of ways, some on-line, often by e-mail. Sellers expect their home to show up prominently on all the popular websites, buyers want to know when a home price is lowered or a new home comes on the market.


Professional, Friendly, Assertive – Whether it be Seller Listings, Buyer Showings, Negotiations, Working with Appraisers, Inspectors, Mortgage Brokers, Title Companies, Remodelers, Other Real Estate Agents, or Others You Expect Us to Represent Your Interests in a Professional, Friendly, but Assertive Manner.


Neighborhood Knowledge – You expect us to know listing history, recent sales and number of listings in the area, tax rolls, and fair market values.


Price Guidance – This is our job. We suggest what we think is the highest and best price to get the house sold. Conversely, we aren’t afraid to give our opinion of an initial offer and subsequent offers. Good listening is important but we also know that most buyers and sellers expect an honest and well thought assessment of value.


Wide Network – You want to work with someone that gets along with others (other agents and other brokers). If you are kind, helpful, and professional to other agents you would be surprised how much easier it is to get a deal done.


Negotiation Skills – You aren’t hiring us to simply run paperwork back and forth and then join hands and sing Kumbaya. A courier could do that. It takes finesse to keep the transaction in balance to satisfy both parties, to know when to push and when to back off a bit. You expect us to maintain calmness, be objective, provide rational thinking, anticipate problems, and keep the negotiations on track.


Sense of Humor – Often times, transactions can take interesting and unexpected turns. A good sense of humor can help you get through these intense and often times stressful situations.