Thinking About Building?

Many times when you are looking to purchase and existing home, you become frustrated that you cannot find a home that fits your lifestyle.  Maybe, the floor plan isn’t as open as you’d like, or the kitchen is too small, or you don’t like the backyard, or perhaps you would like a first floor laundry, open shelving, or a large pantry.

It certainly is true when building new that you also must make choices and compromises but at least those choices and compromises are yours.  You can decide what features in your home are important to you—and we will help you do that.

If you are thinking about building here are a few reasons why you may want to consider PhD Homes:

PhD Homes specializes in building homes under $250,000.

We think it takes more thought and effort to be creative with a smaller budget and footprint.  We have a very talented designer to guide you through the process of creating a whole home you can be proud of—that meets your needs and isn’t the same old same old.

You can also count on us to find the most competitive pricing we can without sacrificing material quality or workmanship.

With PhD Homes, you will have access to a team member who is an appraiser and he can help suggest ways to get the most value out of your home.  For example, a two story bonus room properly done is often a smart way to add inexpensive square footage to your plan.  Or perhaps a well thought out basement will allow you to create additional useable square footage

PhD Homes works to make the process easy. 

We make sure all our suppliers and subcontractors are paid on a timely basis and give you lien waivers at or before closing so you don’t need to worry about a contractor’s lien.  Not all builders, especially larger builders do this as they often times use cash flow from one job to pay another job.  I know, as I have worked for large builders who often times did this.

We communicate honestly and openly with you and all of our trade partners.  We maintain frequent contact with everyone and do our best to think through the plan with you before construction begins so that there are no surprises and we reduce the possibility of costly change orders.

We can help you find a building site, obtain financing or even sell your home at a reduced commission.

If you are interested in building please give us a call.